30,000 Feet

I Think You’re In My Seat

Me:  [Boarding tiny plane, clutching boarding pass for seat 7C.] Pardon me, sir.  I think you’re in my seat.

7D:  [Smiling gently, waving boarding pass.]  I don’t think so.  This is 7D.  I’m in 7D.

Me:  No, you’re in 7C.  7C is the aisle.  7D is the window.

7D:  Are you sure?  I think —

Me:  [Pointing blandly at useless infographic.]  See there?  The picture of the window.  And the little man.  D is next to the window.  C is the aisle seat.

An infographic is only useful if people actually bother to look at it.

7D:  Oh.  [Looks at man sitting in 7D.]  Um, I think you’re in my seat.

6D:  Oh.  Um.  [Looks at boarding pass.]  I’m in 6D.  Is this row 6?

Me:  No.  This is row 7.  [Pointing patiently at useless infographic.]

6D:  Oh.  Sorry.  Um.  Excuse me.  [Soothing music plays courtesy of United Airlines, as several people exchange seats.]

7D:  Well.  Lucky we had you to get us sorted out.

Me:  [Suspecting irony]  Yes.  Well.  Those diagrams can be hard to figure out.


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